Where Are All the Single Black BBWs?

107b6b536283f9a6618bfe03b94a01cdIf you’re a black man who prefers dating within his own culture it may be difficult to find lovely, but single, black BBW to date. Often work is not the best place to look for dates as you want to remain professional at all times.

Here are a few tips for black men to help them find dates for black BBW dating.

1. Ask your friends. Your friends are likely going to be the first who hear you are trying black BBW dating. They may also have single black female friends who may also be searching for the black BBW admirer. It can’t hurt to let your friends know that you’re on the hunt for great women to date, and possibly, you may even find the right one.

2. Meet in public. While bars are never really recommended as the best spot for finding black BBW dates, you can have a look around for whenever you’re out in public. The coffee shop or a restaurant may be a good place to meet singles. You may even see someone you like at the mall. Just keep to being polite but never weird, and if she’s single, she may just accept your phone number.

3. Black BBW dating sites. It’s seems almost cliche to tell someone to try a dating site, but when seeking black BBWs, you should know there are black BBW dating sites where you can find the type of woman you like. The benefits of these sites are that people are single (or hopefully separated!) and also looking for someone special.

4. Singles events. There may not be as many singles events today as in past decades, but they are still being held if you take a closer look. These events are only for single people. If you live in a large black community, it’s possible your local coffee shop, restaurant, or club might have a special event ahead that gives you a chance to get away from your favorite black BBW dating site to meet people in real life.

5. Stop looking. Have you ever asked your friends where they have met their big beautiful women? Chances are they weren’t actively looking. They may have just randomly met a stranger while going through life, then hit it off. Soon numbers are exchanged, and they go on a date. It pays to wake up and pay attention when you’re out in public. How many times has a lovely lady smiled at you, but you did nothing? Keep some business cards handy if you’re too shy to initiate a really long conversation.


With a few helpful strategies, you should be able to start off with a few dates on a black BBW dating site, and a few with ladies you’ve met in real life. Soon you’ll have a girlfriend or even a future wife, so you never feel lonely again!

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