How to Avoid Offending Plus-Sized Black Women

We all have our different tastes when it comes to who we want to date. Some of us enjoy smaller women, some of us like larger women. Some of us enjoy brunettes, while others enjoy blonds. There is nothing wrong with these variations, and in the same sense, there is nothing wrong with having an interest in dating black BBW singles specifically.

However, there is sometimes a thin line between having a preference for certain kinds of people and making a fetish out of a group of people, and this is something that you’re going to certainly want to avoid. The key here is to be as respectful as possible and not turn the very women that you are attracted to into objects, whether you’ve met them on BBW dating sites or anywhere else. Of course you love their bodies, and that’s fine, but remember that most women want to be dated on multiple levels; even if you don’t care about their feelings, understand that you will turn women off with certain kinds of behavior. Let’s look at some specifics below:

(1) Don’t treat her largeness as something unusual.

Needless to say, watch the language that you use carefully, and unless both of you are into some kind of strange humiliation play, make sure that you aren’t hurting her feelings. Larger girls are often already treated as if they are “different,” and even if you may like this difference, it doesn’t help to needlessly point it out all the time. You may not even notice that you are doing this, or you may think that there’s nothing wrong with it if you use euphemisms like “curvy.” But if you are mentioning that she’s “curvy” all the time, or from your first encounter, she is going to suspect you have some kind of fetish and are only interested in her body. Do yourself a favor, and ignore the fact that she is large during your conversations; she already knows and doesn’t need to be reminded.

By the way, this goes for issues of race as well, when you’re specifically into black BBW dating. Treat it like a non-issue if you happen to not be black, and don’t view her through a strange fetishistic lens.

(2) Don’t assume that she is unable to do something just because of her size.

Of course, the laws of physics still apply and some activities may be affected by her being overweight. For example, depending on her shape, she may have a hard time being able to get on certain rides at theme parks, or she may not be able to sit in certain places. However, her size doesn’t necessarily mean that she is lazy or immobilized. For all you know, she may be able to outrun and out-swim you, so don’t be afraid to take her on physically-intensive dates if she seems up to them. Don’t underestimate her or make assumptions because plenty of people in her life probably already do.

(3) Don’t act like you’re afraid to be seen with her in public.

If you are hesitant to show your new girlfriend or date to your friends because she is overweight or of a different race than you, then you may think that you’re ashamed of her, but actually, you’re not: You’re ashamed of yourself. If you had the pride and self-awareness to own your preferences, then you wouldn’t care what other people think of who you like romantically and sexually. So think about that for a long time before you consider insulting a woman by insisting that she has to sneak around with you.

There are many more things that people can do wrong when dating black BBW singles, but it’s probably better not to get caught up with the details, and just focus on being respectful and not treating her like she’s any different from any other woman.

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