How Can I Tell if He’s Right for Me?

0ca171887c915f7e31fa1909b26e65c4Probably almost 95% of black BBWs will try an online black BBW dating site to find their next date. Some ladies like to line up multiple dates, while others will set up a few dates with one guy to see if he’s a good match.

Here are a few tips to help you decide if you should ask for that second date when you’re trying black BBW dating.

1. Trust your instincts. It may be difficult at first to tell what a person is really like through their online profile or messaging, but you can still get a good idea by what words they type. Find men who are positive and who don’t rant or complain a lot. If they are negative with their messaging, just imagine what they’re like off the black BBW dating site!

2. Are they open to answering questions? While most people feel uncomfortable with answering questions about where they work or live, they can still give general answers. But if it sounds all made up, perhaps you can continue your efforts at finding other dates on the black BBW dating sites you’ve signed up for. Some red flags include if they’re bragging about a six figure income or driving a Ferrari. You can be hopeful, but it’s unlikely a man like that would sign up on a free dating site!

3. Do your interests align? It’s important to keep some interests separate. For example, perhaps he wants to play cards at the cafe on the weekend while you hang out at the salon with your friends. But generally, you should have a few similar interests. These are interests that you get to do together. It can include enjoying the same types of meals, outdoor activities, movies, and TV. If you want your black BBW dating to be successful, you want to enjoy your time with your dates.

4. Are there any deal breakers? Smoking and drinking can be some big deal breakers for many black BBWs. If so, you want to screen them out first. While you may not care what type of car he drives, you may still want a partner who can pick you up for dates. There may be certain jobs you don’t want him to do. Perhaps you’re a vegetarian, so you don’t want a guy who works in the meat industry.

5. Talk about children. When you’re searching for people to date on the black BBW sites, you can’t assume they remembered to include all the information. People who don’t want children may have omitted this from their profile. If you have kids, you want to find someone who also likes kids and will be a good dad for yours. If neither of you have had children, find out if your date is open to the idea. If your wants don’t align, move onto the next guy.
You’ll eventually figure out how to tell if a date is worthy of a second or third date. If your goal is a longterm relationship, now you have the knowledge for dating success!

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