3 Issues for BBWs When Dating Online and What Can Be Done About It

The dating scene is a battlefield. You’ll fight many battles and will win a few, some may win none. That is a harsh reality, but nowhere is that greater than black BBWs. Society already condemns us for being fat, they even pile on more hate because of skin color.


We might live in a world that has moved on from the brutal cruelties of the past, but a portion of that still lives on today. It’s a sad affair but we must continue living and keep on fighting. And the possibilities of love in this day and age shouldn’t be that hard given the many dating sites on the internet. But somehow, being a black BBW makes it even harder to date than in the real world.


Yes, the internet may have made meeting people easier but it has also made BBW dating so hard. Here’s why and what you can do about it:


Most dating sites are filled with white men


While we see a lot of interracial couples these days, the numbers say otherwise (particularly in the online dating scene). Yes, white men have admitted to being open to dating a black girl, but one look at their profile will show that they have mostly dated white women and yes, most of them are definitely thin.


One of the simple solutions to this problem is to go to black BBW dating sites. You will most likely find someone who is interested in the same things as you are and will most likely accept you for who you are.


Most profiles reject black BBWs outright


There is not better way to describe these kind of people than douches. Sure, they have preferences but stating outright that they don’t like to deal with women who are fat and black is just plain rude.


It’s tough to deal with people like these because most likely, you’re never going to have a constructive conversation. You can choose to let it go and move on. There will always be jerks like these on the internet. Don’t let them ruin your online dating experience.


Most black women get ignored


Single, skinny white ladies will most likely get noticed but males looking for a date while black women often get ignored. While it’s sad that no one would ever express interest because of a person’s size and skin color, why not try reaching out yourself? There is absolutely nothing wrong with females making the first move. Try and have a conversation and you might just pique their interest.


The color of your skin shouldn’t be a factor in finding a possible mate. While we live in a world where some people still believe it should be an issue, don’t allow their judgments to get in the way of your happiness. After all, you are living your life – not them.


Yes, the internet will always be a hard place for women, particularly women of color, but good will always triumph over evil. So don’t be afraid of those trolls who will stop at nothing to tear you down, even if they don’t know you. Be a better person than they are.

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